Who We Are

We are just a bunch of kids who want to highlight how much the knife crime crisis in London is destroying lives.  

We want it to stop.  

Our Goals

On 8th March 2019, actor Idris Elba posted a message on Instagram asking entertainers to make videos to highlight the knife crime crisis.   This film was made in response to his message.  We might not be celebrities, but at least we are trying to do something to get people talking, to get politicians to take action.  And most importantly, to get young men thinking.  Don't leave your home carrying a knife.  It's not worth it.  

Real life is not a movie.   

Money raised will help us recoup the cost of making this short film, which cost £523.

About Us

The film concept was thought up by Jack Cunningham-Nuttall.  He is a 17 year old actor studying for A'Levels in London.  Jack wanted to make a film that was cinematic, but tackled one of the hardest issues of his generation.  He and his friends are the actors in the film.

Stop The Stabbing

Short film/campaign video about the stabbing crisis in London.  By Jack Cunningham-Nuttall (17).


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